A VMware ESXi Test Box

Putting it All Together

Now all I needed was a case and a PSU.  I had decided that I wanted a modular PSU and a case with decent cable handling, room for expansion and plenty of drive bays.  I  eventually settled on the Fractal Design Define R4 Case.  The case turned out to be a bit larger than I had imagined but proved simplicity itself to build the system into. But best of all, nice and quiet.  If you are interested, a quick search will bring up plenty of reviews.  For example.

As for power I turned to a unit stripped from an old workstation, a 650W Be Quiet Dark Power PRO BN073. Unfortunately this is now an end of life item but it obtained excellent reviews while available.

It Lives !

VMware 5.1 Console

VMware 5.1 Console

A Problem

A small problem came to light after a bit of use. Cooling. I noticed the processor was running on the warm side even when not doing a lot.  To be safe, I swapped the factory heatsink / fun unit for a Noctua NH-U12S.  The temperature difference was remarkable.  My advice ?, chuck the factory unit in the bin.